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Name: PTS Technologies

Region: Eastern

City: Koforidua

Address: PTS Technologies

Google Map: Show location

Phone Number: 0249679715
Cloudlinux Cpanel Web Hosting With Instant Setup
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PTS Technologies is one of Ghana's top technology firms that is deep into software engineering and affordable CloudLinux cPanel web hosting, if you need a home for your website with a high server speed and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, we're your best choice, our payment channels are Mobile Money, Bitcoin & Paypal, account setup is fully automated, our custom built robot delivers your order to you in a maximum of 5 minutes and keeps you updated with both SMS and email alerts about your orders.
You can buy monthly, triennially, semi-annually, or annually up to 5 years with first class customer support we even have a 3 days free trial if you wish, contact us now to check out our hosting packages to make your choice!
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